What's this Pumpkin Junkin' Stuff?

Pumpkin Junkin' is all about decorating a pumpkin for Halloween. It's a whole lot easier that carving one up, plus you probably are able to clean out a junk drawer or two!

A little about Holli:

She's a children's book illustrator and licensing artist living in Nashville, TN and is proud to say she's living her creative dream. She loves junk and the cool stuff that can be made out of it, thus her found object work.

Most of her days are spent illustrating for various clients, designing for some too and entertaining (or rather being entertained by) a giggly six year old who has a slew of imaginary friends that have to go everywhere they go. They don't cause much fuss but having to get them all buckled into the car when it's pouring down rain is a little ridiculous sometimes!


We want to get the word out about the exhibit and site so linking is appreciated! Below are some images you can use or feel free to make your own. Thanks so much for the spreading the word!!


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